Finish Gasmask Bag Review

I always need some stuff with me – things that might get handy at some point – this is my regular edc:

  • My beloved Seiko 7002
  • Leuchtturm Notepad
  • Fisher Space Pen
  • Business cards
  • USB to Micro-USB Bracelet
  • INOVA Microlight SBS (great little flashlight)
  • Victorinox Swiss Army Knife

And those are the items I want to have in a camera bag:

  • Spare roll of Ilford HP+
  • Vintage filmcanister (filled with small „survival“ items)
  • Sharpie
  • Victorinox Knife Sharpener
  • LensPen
  • Niteize Gear Ties
  • Minolta Cable Release
  • Olympus Remote Control
  • Agfa Agfalux C Flashcube Flash (small and fun to use)
  • Three spare Sylvania Flaschcubes
  • Two Travel Cups
  • More Business cards (I don’t have a business, it’s just my mobile/email/website)
  • Moorehead drinking bottle
  • handkerchiefs
  • disinfectend tissues

For all this stuff I needed a bag. Shoulder bag preferably, since I used a backpack and its kinda anoying to always put it down and back on your back again. A shoulder bag is accessible on the walk – and thats what I was looking for. So what is on the market? Ona, Billingham and Domke are hot right now for shure. But with a couple of hundred Euros it would be vulgar as a college student to buy such a professional grade bag. So I looked around for an alternative and found the finish gasmask bag. My girlfriend did the stitching 🙂 :

The bag is roughly 12″(w) x 10″(h) x 5″(d) – so just about perfect for my needs. It has a big main compartment for my camera body and three small compartments for my equipment. Its not water-proof or anything, but of very sturdy built quality. And its cheap. dirt cheap to be exact. I bought mine for 16 EUR incl. shipping and a sealed gasmask. I sold the gasmask (as I don’t expect chemical warfare in the soon future) and paid 6 EUR net for the bag.

A Billingham Hadley Small is about 200 EUR. The Billingham is far superior – no doubt about that, but 33 times better? Not in my book. The padding is missing in the finish gasmask bag, so I asked my girlfriend for help again:

Well, the finish gasmask bag is a perfect match for me and my minolta (although I already have a Nikon FM2n coming my way). Its straight forward and does the job – no more no less. The bag in action :):

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