Contax IIIa Review

Well, I was lucky again. 🙂

This time not on a local flea market, but on the world wide web. I’m usually browsing (something similar to craigslist) for good buys on Leica, Minolta and Contax gear. I’m a collage student, so my funds are very limited, but sometimes I manage to broaden the heard.

Then, I was browsing at the university and not paying attention once again, it struck me like a lightning: someone was selling his complete Contax IIIa Outfit! Included where the Contax IIIa Body, three Carl Zeiss lenses (Sonnar f1,5 5cm, Sonnar f4 135mm and Biogon f4,5 21mm), a multi-focal-length-revolving viewfinder, a beautiful Leather Bag and leather ever ready case. The Pricetag: 400 EUR – complete for the whole package! This guy clearly didn’t know what he was selling – so yes, I contacted him immediately. After mailing forth and back for 5 minutes, we agreed on 300 EUR (shipping included) – a bargain, no – a steal to be fair!

contax outfit review

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Kodak Ektachrome

Unfortunatly, there wasn’t a single exposure on an entire roll. 🙁

I hear people shooting expired film all the time but a film expired in 1979 and boutght on a local fleemarket may just bee a stretch to far. 🙂 Well done – I’ll wait until I snatch up a roll that isn’t expired for over three decades then. 😛

Kodak Ektachrome

Kodak Ektachrome and Kodachrome are both undoubtably the most famous 35mm films ever produced. At a nearby fleamarket I had the chance to snatch 5 rolls of Ektachrome 160 for a total of 2 EUR – what a great deal again at the Leopoldplatz in Berlin! 🙂 All rolls are expired – in 1979 – so I’m excited to have a look at the results. 🙂